Kemone has always believed in the importance of getting a good education and has made it an important part of her life to acquire one. Her inquisitive nature and passion for information creation has influenced her studies in Mathematics and Statistics. As a Research Consultant and Human Rights Activist, she’s driven to create information and explore social issues everywhere. She has done extensive research on different social issues, mainly for organisations in the economic south. Other than conference papers, her book When Rape Becomes Acceptable – Corrective Rape in Jamaica was her first independent publication, published in 2017.

She has been a human rights activist for well over a decade and has focused a lot of her efforts on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for marginalized communities. Her areas of interest in relation to activism includes LGBT issues, women’s rights, children’s rights, HIV/Aids, sexual reproductive health and rights, and sustainable development. Kemone is also a natural Humanitarian. In 2017 she co-established the charity, Education is the Key to Success (EKS) which aims to assist in the eradication of poverty in Jamaica.

As a public speaker, Kemone has a wide range of different audience sizes, from small corporate groups to large conference audiences. She’s often invited to speak on different issues including LGBT rights, human rights in general and development.

Passionate about life, she spends a lot of time travelling, cooking and devoting her time to helping others.